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Outline of JIHEE

Outline of JIHEE

Outline of JIHEE


Daini-Seiko Building 2F, 4 -2-11, Kudan-kita, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0073 Japan


Masahiko ISHII, President

Purpose of foundation

To contribute to the development of institutions of higher education in Japan by evaluating
the situation of those institutions, including educational and research activities,
and supporting the institutions’ autonomous efforts to enhance and improve quality

Main activities

  • Evaluation of educational and research activities, etc. (institutional certified evaluation and accreditation of universities/ junior colleges/ fashion business professional graduate schools)
  • Training of evaluators
  • Research and studies on evaluation
  • Public relations and enlightenment activities (publication of public relations magazines, etc. / information disclosure) 

Membership(as of July 2023)

348 universities and 26 junior colleges

Seminars and other events organized by JIHEE

  • Evaluation Seminar for Universities/Junior Colleges
  • Evaluation Enhancement Conference
  • Seminar for Directors in Universities/Junior Colleges
  • Seminar for Liaison Officers in Universities/Junior Colleges /Fashion Business Professional Graduate Schools
  • Seminar for Evaluators

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